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Wearing the MacDonald tartan - and displaying the MacDonald Clan Crest - is always a proud occasion for Nerida Barnsley. Nerida is a descendant of the MacDonalds of Branxholme (Victoria, Australia).

"I wanted to do something special for my clan., so I commissioned heraldic artist Dennis Lindsay Horton to produce a colourful new representation of the MacDonald Clan Crest - and it is now available in an exclusive signed limited edition."

Fine art prints of your MacDonald Clan Crest and Clan Portrait are available now in an exclusive limited edition from Australia's A Little Piece of Scotland.

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Clan MacDonald

If you have a Scottish ancestry, the probability is that you've inherited a taste for "sweeties".

Toffee, fudge, tablet, butterscotch, and 'soor plooms' will appeal to you irresistibly - along with regional specialities like Edinburgh rock, Hawick balls and Jedburgh snails.

At Mittagong's A Little Piece of Scotland, the sweeties rival Nerida's famous highland shortbread for the affections of its many patrons - especially Jess Robertson's Scottish Tablet...... read more here.......

Jess Robertson proudly displays her home-made Scottish Tablet, a favourite Scottish confection, available only at A Little Piece of Scotland in the Mittagong Antiques Centre -->.

Jess Robertson

Today, Norway is home to one of the most civilised, educated and tolerant societies in the world, with a reputation for international humanitarianism.

It was not always so.

For more than three hundred years, from the 8th to the 11th centuries, the Viking ancestors of today's Norwegians voyaged ceaselessly in their distinctive dragon-prowed boats, invading neighbouring lands.

The Vikings were a bold people, who welcomed risks, had a war-like nature, a passion for voyaging abroad - and who turned their talents to piracy and plunder....... read more here.......


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